The Aucoc company was founded in 1821 by Casimir Aucoc. In 1835, the business moved to the prestigous « rue de la Paix » in Paris and remained there until the transfer of control in 1936. This business stayed in the family for many years, under the successive direction of Jean-Baptiste Aucoc from 1836 à 1856, Louis Aucoc until 1887, André Aucoc until 1911 before being taken over by his window up to 1912, at which time the company was named Aucoc & cie. Aucoc, along with Christofle et Boin-Taburet, was one of the most innovated silver artisans of the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century. They are renowned for creating works inspired from ancient designs and styles, crafting stylistically unique pieces which often surprise audiences with their historical interpretation. This unique style was awarded numerous medals at the World’s Fairs. Aucoc’s style was particularly honored by the patronage of Louis Philippe, Orléans family, as well as Napoléon III and his wife, Princess Eugénie, and even by Queen Victoria.