One of the most important Parisian silver artisans of the nineteenth century. Known as Henri Duponchel, Morel et Cie, Duponchel & Morel, and Duponchel & Cie, he registered his own silversmith mark in 1849. He worked with many different silversmiths including Louis Manant, Charles Glachant (who worked for Frédéric Boucheron), Jean Bonnet, and Constant Revil. Duponchel exhibited at the industrial trade fair of Paris, 1849 (l'Exposition Nationale de l'industrie). He was a leading silversmith, an equal of Froment Meurice, Rudolphi, Odiot and Lebrun. At the Paris World's Fair of 1855, Duponchel won a medal of honor. He exhibited many pieces borrowed from his wealthy clients, including, among others, Count Nesselrode's tea service, with oriental pieces in a Chinese style. (Bouilhet) He also exhibited in 1862 at London's World's Fair. The same year, Duponchel supplied NAPOLEON III with a sporting trophy, now at the "Musée national du second empire" (National Museum of the Second Empire) Compiègne, France. Bibliography (French) : David Allan, Orfèvrerie française orientaliste du 19ème siècle, August Eight Limited, Paris, 2003. Cathérine Arminjon & M. Bilimoff, L'Art du Métal – vocabulaire technique, Paris, 1998. Henri Bouilhet, L'Orfèvrerie Française au XVIIIe et XIXe Siècles, Paris, 1908-1912. Henri Bouilhet, Christofle 1830-1980, Paris, 1981. Lachèze Degeneste, Nouveau Manuel Simplifié de la Garantie des matières et ouvrages d'or et d'argent, Paris, 1839.