M.FRAY took over succession of HARLEUX House from his father-in-law and worked primarily for a Parisian clientele. He created large tableware: such as plates, vegetable dishes, sauce boats- the silver pieces used to set a luxurious table. Afterwards, he wanted to try to set aside this work and produce more refined pieces. He approached Joindy, a sculptor, who already worked for Christofle. The large L XV centerpiece was an original invention, remarkably light despite its vast proportions. The same sculptor also created a large "rocaille" (stone-work) soup tureen, which profiled the engraver's level of expertise. This new work highlights the silversmith's art and the ability of the worker who could produce hammer-work parallel curves and edges on an oval surface, especially one so large. This is indeed the mark of beautiful and faithful creation. Bibliography (French) : L'Orfèvrerie françise du XVIIIè et XIXè siècles par Henri Bouillet page 284 - Editeur H. Laurens 6 rue de Tournon - 1912