The Keller company was founded in 1856 by Gustave Keller; its elegant pieces were immediately recognized for their quality. G. Keller was awarded, in 1867 and 1878, by a silver medal and a gold medal. After 1878, the Keller brothers succeeded him and began to produce silver work which was recognized in 1889 and 1900 at the World’s Fairs, awarded, respectively, by a gold medal and a Grand Prize. In 1889, Lucien Falize wrote that everything carrying the Keller mark is good ("tout ce qui porte la marque Keller est bien"). Note that the company later became known as "Keller fils et gendre successeurs", which means Keller son and son-in-law, successors. Established in Paris at 65, rue de Turbigo, the Keller house moved its boutique and workshop to 22 rue Joubert in 1891. In 1929, the boutique address was registered as 18 avenue Matignon and was still active in 1947. The Keller company had a famous and international clientele and was named the official supplier for several royal courts (Spain, Russia, Greece, and Romania). The Russian Royal Court was a particularly major customer in 1897, at which time the last Tsar himself was a regular buyer.